Earth Day 2012 Agenda

Sunday, April 22
9:45am – Arrive at the National Cathedral.
We will meet and mingle before going in and sitting together.

10:15am – Forum at the National Cathedral
Blessed Earth Executive Director Matthew Sleeth and several Presidents of the nation’s largest and most influential seminaries will be officially launching the new Seminary Stewardship Alliance, a coalition pledging to preach, teach, live, and inspire creation care principles as they train our future church leaders.
Dr. Sleeth will then host a conversation with internationally acclaimed poet, farmer, and activist Wendell Berry on why the church must take a leadership role in caring for God’s creation.

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11:15am – Worship at the National Cathedral
Blessed Earth Executive Director, Matthew Sleeth, will deliver the sermon message: Are Christians Blessing or Cursing the Earth—A Call to Action. Following Jesus is good for the planet—or should be.  This radical principle is bringing together prophets and poets, Cathedrals and coalitions that might just be our last, best hope for saving the world.
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After church service – 7pm – Celebrate Earth Day on the National Mall: Mobilize the Earth
Dr. Sleeth will join other internationally renowned environmental figures, civic leaders and celebrities when he speaks on stage at the Earth Day Network’s live celebration on the National Mall. Thousands will be present.
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All day events include:
   Top musical talent
   Prominent speakers and celebrities
   Youth rally and voter registration
   Live news coverage, global webcast
   Renewable energy demonstrations
   Non-profit and embassy booths
   Interactive exhibits
   Lunch and dinner opportunities

Monday, April 23
TBD (Morning time) – White House Briefing and Meeting
The Executive Office of Faith-Based Partnerships at the White House will host a briefing to update U.S. faith representatives about current environmental advocacy opportunities and challenges facing our nation and the global community. Senior Administration officials will attend and discuss how faith communities can play a significant role in addressing these challenges and lead the way in seizing time-sensitive opportunities. Joshua DuBois, Director for the White House Office of Faith-Based Partnerships and a Pentecostal minister, is eager to hear more from young evangelicals who are exploring the intersection of how their faith motivates them to care for creation.

7:30pm – Wendell Berry Delivers 41st Annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities (Optional)
TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. (Sometimes tickets go unclaimed and can be picked up at the door.)
The farmer-writer Wendell Berry will deliver the 41st annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The lecture is considered the federal government’s most prestigious honor for intellectual achievement in the humanities. In the lecture, “It All Turns on Affection,” Berry will discuss man’s interaction with nature, as depicted in history, philosophy, and literature.



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