Restoring Eden
Renewal and Restoring Eden have a mutually beneficial relationship, supporting one another in various ways. Restoring Eden is a national Christian ministry that encourages Christia[...]
Renewal is proud to partner with the Creation Care Study Program. CCSP offers semester-long study-abroad programs taught by Christian professors in Belize and New Zealand. They wil[...]
Center for Environmental Leadership
Renewal graciously receives support from the Center for Environmental Leadership. The Center for Environmental Leadership is devoted to two things; helping individuals, institution[...]
Are you looking for a creation care speaker to visit your campus? Browse the list to find someone in your area. Note that many speakers are willing to travel to other regions as we[...]
Renewal is pleased to present Green Awakenings: Digging Deeper. Building on the success on Renewal’s initial report, Green Awakenings: Stories of Stewardship and Sustainabili[...]
And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there he put the man whom he had formed. - Genesis 2:8 Starting a garden on campus is a wonderful pursuit. Gardens bring[...]
Here are some of the many friends and colleagues we work with to help care for creation (adapted from Appendix C of Green Revolution by Ben Lowe) A Rocha—Christians in Conservation[...]
The Green Awakenings Report 2010
Over the summer of 2009, Renewal launched a creation care research project that culminated in The Green Awakenings Campus Report along with an online directory.This first-of-its-ki[...]