King’s University Indiana Wesleyan Gordon College Does your campus have a blog that chronicles the stewardship projects and events that are happening?  We would love to [...]
 Thank you for your summit registration! We’re excited you are coming and will be in touch shortly.[...]
Registration fee is $50 for current college and university students.  This includes lodging and food for the duration of the summit.   Payment is secure through PayPal.[...]
Help us spread the word about the Renewal Summit by: 1.  Sharing on Facebook 2.  Hanging up posters: you can either print a PDF of the poster here or contact Gretchen (gr[...]
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       How does an idea transform into a deep-rooted program?  Do you have an idea that will expand creation care on your campus—maybe a new community gard[...]
Who: If you are a college or university student interested in creation care then the Renewal Summit is for you! Students with any level of experience, interest, and leadership leve[...]
Renewal also works closely with Restoring Eden. Renewal, CCSP, and Restoring Eden are all part of the umbrella organization, Christians for Environmental Stewardship. Restoring Ede[...]
The Environmental Protection Agency’s mission is to “protect human health and the environment.”  This government-sponsored organization was put in place to regulate the United[...]