About Renewal

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life? Growing up, getting a job, finding a mate, buying a home, moving countries and handling relationships are all things humans encounter.

We are all here on this beautiful Earth for a reason. Most of us have an inkling that there is a greater purpose in life but few of us make the move to discover this purpose and to act upon it.

Our mission at Renewal is to help you open your eyes and discover your greater purpose. Our mantra is to encourage every single human being in this world to discover for themselves the wonderful truth that is right there before your eyes.

Renewal is not an ordinary motivation network. It’s a Christ-centered student creation care network that strives to inspire, connect and equip college students in their sustainability efforts.  Of all things, Mother Earth depends on the next generation to nurture and care for it in order for the human race to thrive and survive.