Robots and The Future of Humanity

The scientist Stephen Hawking says that technology must be controlled by to safeguard the future of humanity. In these troubled times, artificial intelligence is set to take over the world. In our grandparents’ era, people did everything my hand. My Grannie stayed at home and did wonderful work bringing up her brood of five. She cooked the meals with love and care, swept the house with a broom and mopped the floor by hand.

I’m reminded of my Grannie’s time on earth whenever I feel like the whole world is trying to sell me a car that talks or a toaster that sings. These days, nobody sweeps or mops any longer. There’s a vacuum cleaner for everything, and the advertising just spins my mind. Just Google “Best vacuum for pet hair” (why does a pet need a special vacuum? The mind boggles!) or “Best pool vacuum” and you’ll see hundreds of slick-looking sites selling the latest gadgets. I could close my eyes and pick one of those online stores like this one, or this one and the machines they’re touting are all the same soulless contraptions that are polluting the earth.

I tend to agree with Stephen Hawking that we need a world government to save us. And I do think that it should be a world government of individuals who serve God. This could be our only hope.

Never before have we been so threatened by nuclear or biological war. Not since the beginning of civilization has our Earth been so threatened.

I’m not sure that God intended us to advance so quickly with technology. The pace is so aggressive that this growth could well destroy us all.

Humanity has proven that mankind is prone to make war. And the only way a world government won’t turn into a tyrannical rule is for God’s government to prevail.

Overpopulation, climate change, and disease are threats we face that could wipe us all out. People have to retrain to cope in a world where their jobs will be replaced by robots.

Yes, it’s happening right now! Think of my Grannie, who mopped the floor with her hands and got on her knees and scrubbed the toilets. Now, we just go out and buy the latest robotic vacuum cleaner. Now we have digital assistants, and self-driving cars are coming to every household soon.

Like the scientist, I’m worried for the future of our planet.

The people of the Earth face monumental environmental challenges such as climate change, overpopulation, epidemic disease and the acidification of the oceans.

Do we need to add to our problems by allowing technology to accelerate? Are our days on Earth numbered?

The Earth that God gave us is at risk of being wiped out by a nuclear war or a genetically engineered virus. I pray that there are enough God-loving people on Earth to keep our planet safe.

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