How To Choose An Environmentally Friendly Toilet

How to Choose an Environmentally Friendly Toilet

A lot of factors should be considered when choosing the best toilet, including comfort, design and the general look. While all these are essential considerations, you also need to consider the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a family can save up to 14, 000 gallons of water and around $120 in water expenditure every year by just replacing the traditional toilets with a modern environmentally friendly toilet. With this, here is everything to know when finding an environmentally friendly toilet.

Go for Toilet’s with EPA’s Water Sense Labels

Traditional toilet verities usually use between four to seven gallons of water per flush. Modern eco-friendly toilet varieties, on the other hand, get down to as minimal as a single gallon per flush. Any toilet that uses such a small amount, therefore, qualifies for a WaterSense label from EPA. To be eligible for the label, the toilet must be able to use at least 20% less water than the standing federal standard, which falls at 1.6 gallons per flush. The WaterSense label, therefore, becomes your first sign that you are choosing an environmentally friendly toilet with the ability to save more water.

Understand the Difference between Dual-Flush and Low-Flow

The best flushing toilets are mainly designed to use as minimal water as possible for every flush. According to the national standards, the best toilets have to make use of 1.6 gallons per flush and nothing more. Dual-flush toilets on the same make use of low-flush idea but with a more defined approach. Dual-flush toilets come with a two-button flush option. One is for flushing all liquid wastes and uses a meagre amount of water at just 0.8 gallons per flush on average. The other option is for flushing solid waste which makes use of the traditional low-flow of 1.6 gallons per flush.

Settle for the Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Brands

There is a significant number of stylish, environmentally friendly toilet options available in the current market. This includes the sleek white dual-flush Kohler Persuade Toilet and the Duravit Starck Toilet with both low-flow and jets features. However, it is vital to ensure that you conduct thorough research on each type before jumping into a conclusion. This helps in identifying the ups and downs associated with the toilet types.

The pricing

Highly-priced toilets do not necessarily translate to more water conservation. Simply because the toilet has a higher price tag is not an indication that it is an environmentally friendly toilet. Here you have to consider the unique features that make the toilet eco-friendly. Keeping in mind that even the less expensive toilets might be more eco-friendly.

Consider a Composting Toilet Option

Composting toilets have also started gaining more popularity in many countries due to their more advanced eco-friendly concept without the application of harsh chemicals or waste products being flushed in the ocean. Composting toilets are great for the environment and they also help you in saving money.

It eliminates the possibility of having the piping system running within your compounds as is common with other toilet options. This means fewer water pipes maintenance and the elimination of potential groundwater issues.

Benefits of Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Toilet

Understanding the benefits of choosing an eco-friendly toilet option plays a vital role in making sure you settle for the best option as outlined below:

Eco-friendly toilets can ensure that you get to save a considerable percentage of water which can be used for other tasks, thus keeping the planet from becoming dry.

Water management companies have for a long time been encouraging residents and homeowners to adopt eco-friendly toilets within their properties as it generally reduces the overall wastewater amount being sent to treatment plants.

Many companies are also giving out an offer to all homeowners wishing to replace outdated toilets with the eco-friendly ones.

With compositing toilet options, you will not have to worry about water shortage as long as you have a solar system for the exhaust fans. This is because composting toilets can operate entirely off the grid since they are not dependent on water or power providers. Meaning even with water or power shortages, you still get to enjoy the convenience of using your toilet.

Having an environmentally-friendly toilet ensures that we get to protect the environment and the future of the coming generations. This is a significant reason why many manufacturing companies are finding better ways of going green. Therefore make sure you also take part in this endeavor by choosing a perfect eco-friendly toilet.