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How To Choose An Environmentally Friendly ToiletIn the 21st century, we’re facing planet-sized challenges. Climate change and environmental crises is crippling us and leading us to the temptation to think that we cannot make a huge difference. Nevertheless, it isn’t about what we may do on our own to make a huge difference. It is about what we may do whenever we mobilize together as a movement, and we unite for community action. The sons and daughters of this generation need to come together and take care of the earth in a manner that previous generations have failed to do. Small things could make a big difference whenever we all work together.

We have the opportunity to show the world what it looks like when Christians take care of the planet that God gave us so that generations to come could live sustainably.

The 21st century is our moment.  This is our time.  The Green Revolution is here to stay.

The Green Revolution

If you stop to think about it, I’m sure you feel the pull to serve the earth with your heart and soul and brain, as opposed to the Creator God who made the earth. The term spiritual retreat could lead to expectations about closer communion with God through his Word.

The consistent aim of a spiritual retreat is not to hear or spread God’s voice and God’s Word, and much more, to work toward justice by providing a passionate voice on the planet and its people.

But is the Green Revolution this merely a nice dream following the teachings of Psalm 19?

I guess the answer to this question depends upon whether or not we hear the planet announcing the glory of the God of the Scriptures and directing us into these Scriptures and a revival of the spirit.

It depends upon whether we specify justice biblically and a justice flowing from the nature of God himself.

I guess it ultimately depends upon whether we believe God is talking through us or that we humans can give the planet its passionate voice.

If we think the latter, then, in planning to serve the ground and give it a passionate voice, we’re ultimately serving yourself and listening to our voices.

When our eyes are on the ground rather than about God, who made the earth, our entire view changes. Think, by way of example, of the view of redemption, which work of God to do brand new his fallen creation, throughout the ideal life and death and resurrection of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Consider one college’s report which, because its pupils work to make a neighborhood garden, they’re taking part in redeeming a broken connection, between each other, invention, and God. Such a focus on humanity’s part in salvation, in providing the planet a voice, and so on, suggest the third party observation.

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