Amazing Places God Created on Earth

The world is a beautiful place that God has created for us all. Of course, there are many other natural wonders to see, but these five are breathtaking. God gave an incredible gift to us! Below is a list of the wonders of the natural world that God has gifted our generation.

Sure, there are others, but these call to me and they remind me that God gave us a fantastic gift! One of the things they all have in common are the people are focused on environmentally friendly living, from saving water, recycling. You might also want to get used to using a composting toilet too!

1- Jordan’s Desert Landscapes

Moses gazed across the Jordan River at the promised land. If you have been to Jordan, there is no denying the strong sense of past and a foreboding of what was yet to come. Nevertheless, there is nothing more special than gazing at the landscapes of Jordan that were gifted to us by God.

2- Australia’s Tarkine Forest

A Tasmanian devil

A Tasmanian devil

40,000 kilometers of ocean separates the Edge of the World from Argentina. It’s my dream to stand and stare at this long expanse of sea and soak up the power of the land God gave us. This remote place (Gardiner Point) in North West Tasmania has seen few humans and is one of those special places blessed by divine energy.

3- Canada’s Wild Yukon

aurora borealis

The Aurora Borealis

The Yukon Territory in Canada is one of the last great places on earth that has not been polluted by man. Get away from the main city of Whitehorse, and the land is a peaceful place to escape from the overdevelopment that has happened in many other national parks in North America. Some say that if you’re looking for God in the wilderness, the Yukon is where you should go.

4- South Dakota’s Badlands National Park (USA)

Badlands National Park is a stunning display of a natural wonder, located right at home in the USA. Many people choose to see the Grand Canyon or even Redwood forest but don’t fall for advertising and the greed of man. The Badlands are much more beautiful and certainly worth a visit.

5- Madagascar’s Stone Forest

In Madagascar’s Stone Forest, you see the limestone “needles” in Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. These otherworldly trees are God’s creation indeed! Most people have never heard of this wonder in Madagascar, and it seems almost unbelievable that this is a place on Earth and not on another planet.

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